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"Freezerburn! Checkmate! Ladybug! Bumblebee! Ice Flower!”

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"Please Doctor, it’s the only medicine we’ve got.”


i have hope

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Get to know me meme - [2/5] Favorite movies:  Brave

Our fate, lives within us. You only have to be brave enough to see it.

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slow mo guys + explosions

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in case some of you thought your behavior towards people you idolize can’t affect them negatively


in case some of you thought your behavior towards people you idolize can’t affect them negatively

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Hello. I know this looks like a lot but it’s not actually that much. 

=The topmost image is my own drawing of the RWBY map. All other images are from the RWBYWiki and subsequently from the show and its creators. If you’d like to use the top map in any shape or form, please ask me for permission first.=

Based on the information that’s been hinted at so far, (the most we’ve gotten were from Season 2 Episode 2’s library scene where the RWBY girls were playing a MTG/Risk style board game based on the four kingdoms) myself and mastermoridin compiled a series of speculations and tried to figure out where named places are in the world map. I’ll try my best to explain this by levels.

Disclaimer: Every word in this, except for what’s been confirmed to be Remnant, Vale (country and city) and Vytal, is purely speculation and could change at any time. (The map file is layered and can be easily altered.) 


The name for the entire RWBY World. It’s comprised of five major land masses (continents). And of those continents there are four major civilizations (kingdoms) where people have gathered themselves against the forces of Grimm that plague most of the world.

The continent in which Vale is on. Seemingly the largest continent in the world where two Kingdoms could claim a sizable territory. Largely green with some mountains and plains. Has a large desert region on the left hand side. The annual Vytal Festival is held in the kingdom of Vale where all other kingdoms come to visit and celebrate the long standing peace in the world.

Unknown dragon continent (Color: Blue)
A continent above Vytal with the distinct shape of a dragon spitting out a flame. There are no major kingdoms in this region. Could either be completely uninhabited or a hostile territory. Not much is known of it as of yet.

The Menagerie (Color: Purple)
Menagerie (meaning a zoo or a place to keep exotic animals) is the location where the Faunus were exiled in the early centuries of the world. Uncertain if the Menagerie pertains to just a section of that region or if it spanned the entire mass. 

Those’re all the (mostly) known continents. Now we move down to the four kingdoms:

The Kingdom of Vale (Color: Teal Green)
The most prominent kingdom of Remnant and where most of the main storyline is currently happening. Its territory is most of the right hand side of the Vytal continent and separated from another kingdom by a “land bridge” between the masses.

The City of Vale is found here. Within the city are major locations in the series like Beacon Academy (World renowned hunting academy perched atop a massive cliffside/waterfall), Signal Academy (A smaller combat school on an island called Patch off the coast of Vale), Forever Fall (A unique red stained forest on the northern outskirts of the city) and the snowy forest where Summer Rose’s memorial/grave is located (Refer to geo map: The snowy mountain peak just to the right of Vale.)

The Kingdom of Vacuo (Color: Yellow)
The second kingdom that shares the continent of Vytal with Vale. The left side of the continent contains some plains and small islands, as well as sharing the other half of the “land bridge” with Vale. But, most notably, it has a large region of desert in the center of it.

Reasons for speculating this location as Vacuo? Weiss was playing as Vacuo during the board game. According to the Vacuo-based cards that Yang mentioned she had, namely “Sandstorm”, “Desert Scavenge" and "Resourceful Raider”, they all imply a desert based theme that seems to fit this geography (geo map) and with where one of the kingdoms are situated (episode 1 map).

Note: It’s possible that the Mistral Region, Sanctum and Haven are located either in Vale or Vacuo.

Yang’s mention of a “Mistral Trade Route" in the card game and the likelihood of it being on the land bridge that’s between Vale and Vacuo is probable.

Pyrrha Nikos attended Sanctum and competed in the Mistral Regional Tournament. Which suggests that both of these locations are local to either Vale or Vacuo.

Haven is mentioned as the school (or region) Neptune Vasilias was from, as well as the place Cinder Fall, Mercury Black and Emerald Sustrai are pretending to be from to infiltrate Beacon through its exchange student system. By association, Sun Wukong's long friendship with Neptune and the suggestion that he stowed away on a ship that came from Vacuo, implies that he’s also from the same place.

The Kingdom of Mantle [Tentative Name] (Color: Red)
The other dragon shaped continent on the east of Remnant. It’s a strangely thin and coiling chain of land with many broken islands. The geological map suggests a volcanic region on the right side of it. 

Reasons for speculating the location as Mantle [Tentative Name]? Ruby played as Mantle in the aforementioned board game. At her disposal was a location known as Atlas, where she had command an army of soldiers that are “mostly androids" according to Yang. James Ironwood is from Atlas and he is both the General of a military force and the headmaster of an academy much like Beacon. In the Volume 2 PV and opening, he is shown to have military and android based forces under his command, which ties into the cards and effects Ruby played in her turn: The “Elysian Air Fleet" and her ability to take only one turn of repair (an advantage) since "Atlas is a part of Mantle" according to her.

The Kingdom of ??? (Color: Bright Green)
The northernmost kingdom. Its land is largely ice with only a smaller patch of grassland on the bottom edge of it. Not much is known about this kingdom or the continent as Yang failed to mention which Kingdom she was playing as. And one of the cards she played was cut off by Nora’s sleep mumbles. (“The Smugglers of Win- something, if anyone could hear it at all, let me know.)


That went on for entirely too long.

Let me know if you have anything to add or disprove to this massive post if you even bothered to read it. PM me any facts or things you would like to discuss on.

I will continually update this as more information becomes available. Good day.